A Step-by-Step Guide to Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs)

E-book - A Step-by-Step Guide to Professional Employer 
                    Organizations (PEOs)

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Do your money-making projects take a backseat to your HR to-dos? Discover how outsourcing your HR can free up more time to tackle your business goals.

  • Alleviate your administrative overload

    See how you can spend less time processing payroll and employee paperwork and spend more time on growing your business.

  • Provide high-quality employee benefits without breaking the bank

    Find out how you can get access to affordable, comprehensive benefits for your employees that you couldn't get on your own.

  • Easily stay in compliance with confusing government regulations

    Learn how you can get a team of specialists who will monitor ever-changing regulations and help you maintain compliance.

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About Insperity

Since 1986, Insperity has provided industry-leading human resources management products and services to over 100,000 businesses. With our comprehensive PEO service your business gets access to:

  • Fortune 500-level employee benefits
  • Stress-free payroll and HR administration
  • HR-related government compliance
  • Ongoing health care reform support
  • Side-by-side support from a seasoned HR service team
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Insperity serves more than 100,000 businesses with more than 2 million employees
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